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AYXU ORIGINAL Multi-Functional All Purpose Foam Cleaner Spray to Clean (650 ML)


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ORIGINAL High Quality Authentic Best Seller Effective and Better All Multifunctional All Purpose Foam Grease Car Cleaner Spray 650ML Spray to Clean Your Leather, Fabric Seats, Car Interior doors, Sofas, and even Shoes for deep cleaning Carpet Disinfect. For Car and House Decontamination, Antibacterial, Protection and Cleaning ? 1 bottle can clean the whole car ? Designed to clean any surface inside or outside the car ? Just spray the surface of the car you want to light on, the wipe it off with a clean cloth ? Suitable with panels, leather seats, canopy, dashboard, etc ? Helpful for car owners who want their cars to look clean but doesn’t have time to go to the car wash ? MULTI-PURPOSE! Can also clean your shoes, carpet, sofa, bags, kitchen sink, etc ? No need for water anymore. Just spray it! ? Strong spray to remove stains Product Specification: Net Content: 650 mL Model Type: Upholstery cleaner Service Content: Support cleaning service Function: glazing, decontamination, dust proof


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